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Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI)&

Indian Academy of Neurology

Diagnosis & Management of Dementia : A Physician’s Guide

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As the world population continues to age, so will the number of people with dementia continue to rise rapidly. This growing prevalence poses many challenges, including the economic challenge of how societies can ensure that treatment, care and support are provided at an affordable cost, whilst ensuring good quality of life for people with dementia and their families

Diagnosis and Management of Dementia: A Physician’s Guide is a comprehensive course developed by Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India and the Indian Academy of Neurology for the purpose of training physicians in the field of dementia, a rapidly growing problem in our society. The course endeavours to evolve and enhance physicians and healthcare professional’s skills in timely and accurate diagnosis and management of dementia. The course is developed with new age learning technologies, keeping the young learners in mind. It is delivered in partnership with Mediknit, a leading professional medical education organisation.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes


This 8-week mentor led online course along with virtual contact sessions (1 Day Interactive Workshop & Assessment) covers all the important aspects of understanding the broad concepts of dementia, identifying the common types of dementia, behavioural issues in dementia, basic principles of dementia management along with bed side teaching sessions which assists in appropriate diagnosis of a dementia patient

Who Should Take Up This Course?

The Certification Course in Dementia Management is meant for practicing Physicians, General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Geriatricians, Post- graduates and House Surgeons

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, learner should be able to:

  • Understand the broad concepts of dementia and its burden in society
  • Identify common causes of dementia
  • Acquire basic principles of dementia management
  • Recognise when to refer a dementia patient to specialist services
  • Create awareness about healthy aging and dementia in the community

Course Director

Dr. Suvarna Alladi, Professor of Neurology, NIMHANS

Dr. Suvarna Alladi

Professor of Neurology, NIMHANS

Rukhsana Ansari, Secretary ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan

Rukhsana Ansari

Secretary ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan

Course Coordinator

Fetal Echo Course Convenor

Saadiya Hurzuk

Clinical Psychologist ARDSI Hyderabad

Fetal Echo Course Convenor

Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar

MD Radiology, MBA

CEO, Mediknit

Course Faculty

Dr. Atanu Biswas

Kolkata, West Bengal

Dr. Narasimhan

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Amitabh Varma

Pitampura, New Delhi

Dr. Meera Pattabiraman

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Suvarna Alladi

Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Sandip Pal

Kolkata, West Bengal

Dr. Gautam Das

Barasat, West Bengal

Dr. Subasree Ramakrishnan

Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Manjari Tripathi

Delhi, New Delhi

Dr. Amitabha Ghosh

Kolkata, West Bengal

Dr. Subhash Kaul

Hyderabad, Telangana

Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Mina C.Chandra

Delhi, New Delhi

Dr. Thamil Pavai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Ramshekhar Menon

Trivandrum, Kerala

Dr. Robert Mathew

Trivandrum, Kerala

Dr. Thomas Iype

Trivandrum, Kerala

Dr. K Chandrashekhar

Hyderabad, Telangana

Ms. Saadiya Hurzuk

Hyderabad, Telangana

Ms. Nilanjana Maulik

Kolkata West Bengal

Dr. Priya Thomas

Bangalore, Karnataka

Ms. Rukhsana Ansari

San Francisco

Course Curriculum

  • Dementia Overview
  • Prevention and Lifestyle Management
  • Epidemiology of Dementia
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Dementia
  • Non- Alzheimer’s Dementia
  • Clinical and Cognitive Assessment of Dementia
  • Medical and Neurological Examination in Dementia
  • Investigating Dementia Part 1
  • Investigating Dementia Part 2
  • Biomarkers in Dementia
  • Treatable Dementia
  • Pharmacological Therapies for Degenerative Dementia
  • Acute confusional states and delirium-
  • Behavioural Issues in Dementia
  • Managing behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia
  • Functional Rehabilitation- Part 1
  • Functional Rehabilitation- Part 2
  • Family and Caregiver Education- Part 1
  • Family and Caregiver Education- Part 2


The Certificate Course in Dementia Management will be offered as a blended learning program (partly online and partly offline)


The student will be able to interact and discuss with the assigned mentor on regular basis through the contact sessions.


Certificate Course in Dementia Management includes formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments are part of every module as multiple-choice questions (MCQs).


A one-day interactive workshop at ARDSI centres across the country will be arranged for the candidates. The candidates are required to attend the workshop to gain a hands-on experience.


Fetal Echo Course Certificate

Eligibility Criteria

  • Post Graduate Students
  • Private Medical Practitioners
  • Central/ State Government Medical Practitioners

#Kindly note all applications shall be screened and selected by the course director(s).


Medical Council of India does not recognize courses that are offered through online or blended learning platform.

The course is available for a duration of 8 weeks (whichever is longer) from your date of joining the course. The course is followed by a one-day interactive workshop at the ARDSI centers across the country. You could study as much as you can and as many times as you wish in that duration.

Once you complete the enrollment process, you will be provided with a unique enrollment number and login details to Mediknit.org. If in case, you haven’t received the same within 3 working days from enrollment, please feel free to call us on +91-7892939817or write to us on info@mediknit.org

Our team is always ready to assist for queries, feel free to call us on +917899723391 (Mon-Fri, 9AM – 6 PM), email us on info@mediknit.org. We promise to resolve the query at the earliest.

All assessments are online and MCQ based. You will also be given a final exam (Summative test), successful completion of which will make you eligible for the certification.

The final online test will be unlocked as soon as you complete all the lectures. It will only be available for total of 8 weeks or course duration (whichever is longer) from your date of joining the course.

Three attempts, third attempt will be released on email request only.

If you are not able to clear the test in the provided number of attempts. You must pay Re-exam fee, for details Contact +91-7892939817 or write to us at info@mediknit.org

If you feel that something is wrong with respect to the content or assessment, you can write at info@mediknit.org, directing it to the course coordinator, Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar.

Once you successfully pass your final exam, you can download the E-Certificate from Mediknit.org. If you need assistance, please feel free to call on +917899723391

This course completion certificate is issued by Mediknit and the course being delivered by well- renowned experts in the field of dementia. This training course will help you enhance your skills in dementia management that will ultimately benefit the patient. Presently, there are no credit points accredited to any university/ Medical body for this course

Yes. The course and the content are relevant across the globe for all doctors. International Students before enrolling can contact the learner management team by writing to info@mediknit.org or call +91-7892939817

For any feedback regarding the course, please write to us at info@mediknit.org.


Course Fee
5,000*/- + 18% GST
  • GST and other applicable taxes extra.
  • All above mentioned fees are in INR and applicable only in SAARC countries and Africa
  • Conversion and bank charges for international payments will be additional
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* Conversion and bank charges for international payments will be additional.

* At no instance the course fees shall be refunded, if the applicant is either disqualified or fails to take up the course

* On short listing the names if the applicant chooses not to take up the course, he shall inform not later than 10 days from the date of short list announcement.

Documents required

* MCI registration certificate


Additional documents, If you are a

* POST GRADUATE STUDENT: UG Certificate/ PG ID proof or Letter from HOD


* GOVERNMENT PRACTITIONER- UG /PG Certificate & Official ID Proof

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